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Pigmento zinc by VM Zinc Australia

Pigmento is the only coloured rolled zinc available on the market today. It is available in Autumn Red, Lichen Green and Ash Blue. Pigmento has a high-end appearance line for all applications. It’s aesthetic allows a unique combination with other natural materials like bricks, tiles, wood and stone.

It has an improved performance in corrosive environments compared to other rolled zincs. With its 35 μm organic coating, Pigmento’s anticorrosion protection significantly strengthens resistance to white rust and self heals minor scratches with a patina identical to the Quartz zinc finish.

Pigmento is also fingerprint resistant, making it ideal for interior applications, while the Pigmento colour is a natural mineral pigment, not a painted coating.

The average lifespan of the product is 30 years, with durability depending on the environment. In some environments this lifespan may be slightly reduced, though the finish will eventually resemble the Quartz natural patina. Please note that VM ZINC does not warranty the lifespan of the colour.