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PV tiles by CSR Bricks and Roofing

Monier’s new SolarTile uses the latest PV technology to convert sunlight into electricity with integrated design.

Solar power systems are one of the cleanest and most cost-effective solutions. CSR is at the forefront of product design and innovation in the solar industry with the release of Monier’s new SolarTile.

Monier’s new SolarTile works in a similar capacity as a conventional “bolt-on” photovoltaic panel, but with one important difference – its integrated design. Developed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Monier’s range of flat profiled concrete tiles, Monier’s SolarTile is innovative, delivering a green energy solution with good design and aesthetic appeal.

The integrated system offers improved streetscape in a modular system, providing design flexibility for modern Australian architecture. Monier’s SolarTile is the first product of its kind to market and is set to revolutionize the solar power industry.