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The Studio Electric range is available in portrait and landscape sizes.

The Studio Electric range creates a focal point to any room.

Studio Electric LED fireplaces by Castworks

Gazco’s new Studio Electric range boasts true-to-life flames, created by advanced LED flame effect technology. The range features a variety of heat settings to bring immediate warmth and comfort into any home. The beauty of the flame effect can also be enjoyed with no heat at all.

The range is available in a choice of three portrait and landscape sizes, and its hangon-the-wall nature makes it simple to install. While the panoramic dimensions of Studio 2 will create a focal point in larger rooms, the smaller sizes are perfect for apartment dwellers.

The heat and flame settings of the fires can be easily controlled via remote control and the range has also been uniquely developed so that the fan operation controls both the heat output and flame effect simultaneously. Not only does this ensure product efficiency, but it also makes the Studio Electric one of the quietest fan-assisted electric fires available.

To see Gazco’s Studio Electric range, including the stylish Verve frame or the elegant Glass, contact Castworks via the enquiry card.