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Enware’s Aquablend SQX range features a self-draining spout.

Aquablend SQX tap from Enware

The innovative Aquablend SQX combines a tap with built-in scald protection, eliminating the need for a separate thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) where required by plumbing codes.

The clever sequential mixer design uses a single arc, starting with cold water and increasing the temperature as the handle is rotated. The easy control also saves energy by minimizing heated water use compared to most mixer taps.

The extended handle option allows elbow control, reducing the risk of hand cross-contamination. The smaller handle suits patient rooms, aged care facilities or child care centres.

The product design also features a self-draining spout, reducing the risk of bacteria such as Legionella that can develop in stagnant water.

The Aquablend SQX range is made in Australia by Enware.