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illume skylights don’t require a light shaft or flexible tube.

illume skylight from Kimberley Products

The “illume” Advanced Skylight System is the world’s first solar powered “smart skylight” that works on any level of a building without the need for a light shaft.

Architects, designers and specifiers who have ever integrated sky-lighting into a highrise or multi-storey design have perhaps only used a skylight on the top floor. However, illume’s clever “shaftless” design allows every level of a multi-storey plan to include dynamic sky-lighting.

The time of day and the presence of cloud cover affect the lighting levels that an illume skylight emits, by way of illume’s fully automated lighting control system. This ensures that the illume skylight system creates lighting that is balanced and in harmony with external light sources.

The innovative skylight is available in a choice of two profiles (round or square/rectangular) each offering a range of sizes, as large as 600 mm × 1200 mm in the rectangular version. The Premium range allows multiple skylights to be connected to the same solar power source.