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Immergas high-efficiency condensing boilers save energy and look good in the home or workplace.

Immergas hydronic boilers from H2O Heating

Energy efficiency and high fuel costs are important to consider when choosing a heating appliance, and with this in mind, H2O Heating is pleased to offer Immergas hydronic boilers to its clients.

A brand leader in Europe with a presence in over 30 countries, Immergas now offers a range of tailor-made products to the Australian market. Immergas high-efficiency condensing boilers offer efficiency ratings of over 97%, optimizing energy savings while offering the highest quality standards.

Italian-made Immergas products place a great emphasis on aesthetics,too; minimalist in design, they can complement any home interior, or when combined with a specially designed case can be installed externally and out of sight.

Regardless of the Immergas product chosen, architects, designers, specifiers and their clients can be confident that all Immergas products have one thing in common: innovative technology, reliability and durability.