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Powerpanel XL from CSR Hebel.

PowerPanel XL from CSR Hebel

CSR Hebel has launched PowerPanel XL, a world-class lighter-weight AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) panel that offers a faster, lighter and better way to build. The re-engineered PowerPanel XL is a substantial 20% lighter, which means installers and builders will immediately notice that it is now even easier to install. In addition to the new lighter panel, Hebel has further streamlined the construction process by developing a pre-drilled top hat and easier-to-fix screws that all combine to achieve a faster installation time.

Hebel products offer a multitude of benefits. A 75-mm-thick Hebel PowerPanel XL panel has up to five times the insulation R-value of a traditional 110-mm-thick house brick. Another benefit is the flexibility in design that Hebel PowerPanel XL affords, adding colour and flair to a facade, entry or feature wall. Hebel systems can meet and exceed the Building Code of Australia minimum energy requirements, and Hebel PowerPanel XL remains a low embodied energy masonry material with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) accreditation.