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Redesigned Wolf dual fuel oven range.

Redesigned Wolf Dual Fuel oven range

Wolf Dual Fuel ovens have been updated to include improved energy efficiency during preheat and cooking, 50% reduced energy consumption in standby mode, and three-phase power compatibility. In addition, the units feature a redesigned contemporary display. Architects and designers can choose red, black or stainless steel knobs to complement the kitchen aesthetic. The ovens are available in 914 mm, 1219 mm and 1524 mm.

The Wolf Dual Fuel range allows home chefs to discover a new world of cooking, offering the best of two worlds. The cooktop features gas cooking in all its glory, with the fine control of dual-stacked, sealed burners and options that include the remarkable French top. Beneath the cooktop, the Wolf convection electric oven features two fans and four heating elements that let the cook select from 10 cooking modes to find the one precisely suited to the dish.