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Screen Nature from Hunter Douglas Commercial.

Screen Nature from Hunter Douglas Commercial

Mermet France’s Marc Paillon, international technical expert for Hunter Douglas Commercial’s Screen Nature fabric series, was in Australia recently to launch three new fabrics: Screen Nature 3%, Screen Nature 2 and Screen Nature Metallised.

Screen Nature is a series of non-combustible, transparent fabrics for solar shading, with great fire-resistant properties and very low smoke emission. The fabric is light and fine, and rolls easily into a compact head box space.

Paillon explained that the fabrics are woven with a glass core yarn (fibreglass), a naturally abundant material that is PVC free, making it an ideal alternative to PVC and polyester fibre yarn fabrics. Thanks to the fact that fibreglass is inherently flame retardant, any need for further chemicals is avoided. The PVC-free fabric contains no halogens or VOC emissions and its 3% openness factor is great for solar protection and glare control