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TANDEMBOX intivo fulfills a wide range of customer requirements.

TANDEMBOX intivo fulfills a wide range of customer requirements.

Blum’s TANDEMBOX antaro offers a sophisticated design.

TANDEMBOX intivo and TANDEMBOX antaro from Blum

Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture and joinery into a mesmerizing experience that significantly enhances user convenience to the entire home.

Blum’s tried-and-tested TANDEMBOX systems enable architects, designers and specifiers to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements. The proven TANDEMBOX line offers two entirely different styles to choose from: TANDEMBOX intivo, and the recently introduced TANDEMBOX antaro. True to its philosophy of perfecting motion and supporting functionality and creative design, Blum continues to provide its customers with unique product solutions and more options with the introduction of globally inspired design TANDEMBOX antaro, which has replaced TANDEMBOX plus in silk white only.

TANDEMBOX antaro has been introduced to enhance the industry standard of TANDEMBOX drawer solutions. Following on from TANDEMBOX plus, which has serviced the market for more than 15 years, this new drawer system helps support the changing face of furniture design. The modular drawer has a more sophisticated design and provides more solutions to an increasingly competitive market. TANDEMBOX antaro has received an Interior Innovation Award 2013 from the German Design Council.

TANDEMBOX intivo will continue to service customer tastes, which are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to furniture fittings in the kitchen and the rest of the home. TANDEMBOX intivo provides a solution for those customers who are looking to create individuality and a high standard of interior design. It is available in stainless steel, terra black and silk white, and includes customizable design and glass elements that can create an individual look.