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A reservoir keeps plants healthy and a drip irrigation system can reduce maintenance.

VersiWall system by KHD and Elmich

KHD in conjunction with Elmich have recently launched VersiWall, a new green wall system that is easy to install and ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

The VersiWall system features a mounting panel that is screw-fixed to a wall, allowing the VersiWall hooks to be directly mounted onto the panel.

The system also features an anti-lift arm to secure the trays in place. The system allows for plant intervals of 200 mm and 250 mm horizontally and 150 mm and 225 mm vertically to vary plant density. The trays are also designed with a reservoir to support the plants between watering cycles and a drip irrigation system can be installed to reduce maintenance.

The trays and mounting panels are manufactured from UV-stabilized recycled polypropylene and can be easily installed by one person.