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The Winged Dish Mark 2 birdbath sculpture catches light and water.

Winged Dish 2 Mark from JOMO Steel

Designer Jo Moulton of JOMO Steel brings classic form and elegance to garden, pool and courtyard settings with her luxury birdbath sculpture range.

The Winged Dish Mark 2 (or “Manteray”) is reminiscent of an up-scaled piece of Georg Jensen jewellery. It dramatically captures light and a circle of rainwater in its shallow bowl to a depth that is ideal for birds to drink and bathe in, and is serene in is natural reflective qualities.

The birdbath sits on a simple elevating steel ring. Formed in 3-mm-thick marine-grade stainless steel, the Winged Dish now comes in a range of sizes, from 835 mm in diameter, to 1.6 metres in diameter, and up to a monumental size of 3 metres in diameter.