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Large-format porcelain panels from Maximum Australia are now available in a new range of finishes, including Travertino (bottom) and White Iron, Zinc Titanium and Steel (top).

New porcelain panel finishes from Maximum Australia

Graniti Fiandre recently released a new range of finishes to add to the large Maximum 3000 mm × 1500 mm × 6 mm format porcelain panels. This selection, coupled with the existing Marmi finishes such as Calacatta, Michelangelo and Imperial White, gives designers an exciting palette choice and range of stone finishes for any internal or external project application.

The new finishes include the Metal range – White Iron, Zinc Titanium, Oxidium and Steel. Other finishes include Royal Marfil, Bright Onyx, Gold Onyx and Royal Travertino.

Maximum is a porcelain panel rather than a tile. Fiandre’s advanced research combines the technological and aesthetic to produce the largest sized material available with a completely smooth finish.

The lightweight nature of each panel means installation time is greatly reduced. They are available in an outstanding range of colours and finishes from a semi-matt through to a polished finish. Minimal joins with maximum spans create infinite spatial dimensions.

Thanks to their light weight, easy installation and maintenance, Maximum porcelain panels are suited for all interior floor and wall lining applications.