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The Taubmans stand at Designex 2014 in Sydney, designed by Arent & Pyke, consisted of 950 A4 brush-outs in Taubmans’ colours.

Taubmans colour brought to life at Designex 2014

Taubmans Colour Galaxy – a new online specification tool for designers – took on a physical form at Designex 2014 with a stand “designed as an experience” by Sydney-based interior design practice Arent & Pyke.

“The stand is about interpreting the Taubmans colour offering as well as the online tools of the Taubmans Colour Galaxy,” said Sarah-Jane Pyke of Arent & Pyke. “The Colour Galaxy is immersive – it is a mapped landscape of colour. This was key to our concept for the stand, which was about creating a landscape and a space in which you could discover the quality and immensity of the Taubmans colour offering.”

Colour Galaxy is a new specification tool that has evolved far beyond the fan deck. It allows specifiers to search precisely for the right colour by its name, code, HEX, RGB or LRV value. In addition, it allows for exact colour matching through uploading images to the tool as well as testing the performance of the colours through the impact of different lighting conditions at various times of the day.

The Designex 2014 stand consisted of a blade wall made with 950 A4 brush-outs representing one-fifth of the total 5,762 Taubmans’ colours. A secondary wall and ceiling created a semi-enclosed space lined in a reflective black surface that accentuated the extensive range.