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The new WAREMA 80 S external venetian blind profile (left) and the existing 80 profile (right).

WAREMA 80 S external blind from Shade Factor

When selecting external venetian blinds, one of the features most requested by architects is a slim blade section. This reduces visible intrusion when the slats are open and creates a small stack height when the slats are retracted, maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

WAREMA has refined the design of its 80-mm rolled-edge external venetian blind slat to meet these requirements. The new 80 S slat profile incorporates a slight flare near the edge, which when combined with the reduced radius of the rolled edge produces a slim profile while maintaining strength and stiffness for windy situations. A 15% reduction in stack height is achieved by these slat changes and by a reshaped base rail that tucks up inside the bottom slat. The 80 S is available from Shade Factor in Sydney and Melbourne, in 27 standard colours and special colours on request.