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Two open kitchens in The Ternary restaurant feature Halton Ventilated Ceiling solutions by Stoddart. The solutions capture and extract cooking odours and smoke while blending with the design of the interior.

Halton Ventilated Ceiling solutions by Stoddart

Halton Ventilated Ceilings with Capture Jet technology provide solutions for kitchens where capture-efficiency, energy costs, hygiene, aesthetics and a healthy work environment are key performance criteria.

The Halton Ventilated Ceiling solutions built by Stoddart are designed to the client’s requirements and are usually required for installation over cooking equipment, such as chargrills, induction cooking equipment and teppanyaki plates. These ventilated ceilings extract cooking pollutants from the open kitchen.

The designers of The Ternary restaurant, in an international hotel in Sydney, wanted to make a bold statement to highlight two new open kitchens. Stoddart implemented a solution to capture and extract cooking odours and smoke, while complementing the interior design.

Halton Products are manufactured in Australia by Stoddart to meet unique project requirements and schedules. Stoddart is a steel and metal fabricator, manufacturing quality products for the architecture, building and food services industries. After-sales service by Stoddart provides ongoing support of kitchen ventilation products. A customer service network assists customers and operators by keeping their employees and neighbours satisfied and looking after their wellbeing.