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The LØCAL collection from Designer Rugs features three designs: Coal Coast (pictured), Hargrave and Stanwell.

LØCAL collection from Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs has released the LØCAL collection, by its senior designer Christine McDonald. The designs in the LØCAL collection, inspired by the area of Wollongong in New South Wales, feature four colours: the whites of broken waves and sand of the beaches; the blues of the sea, sky and Christine’s favourite item of clothing – jeans; the pinks of galahs, parrots and sunsets; and the greens of bushland. 

The designs create the impression of “looking through the clouds onto a field of pattern.” This is further enhanced by the use of traditional, Nepalese hand-knotting techniques. In the LØCAL collection, the time-honoured tradition of hand-knotting Tibetan wool collides in a palette of colours, each sympathetic to the Australian interior.