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Stoddart Perforated products are ideal for outdoor furniture and screening.

About 130 square metres of Stoddart Perforated metal panelling was recently installed along the southern wall of Melbourne’s Ringwood Railway Station carpark.

Perforated products by Stoddart

In addition to providing a plethora of public transport infrastructure in and around Melbourne’s Ringwood Railway Station, Stoddart Infrastructure also installed approximately 130 square metres of perforated metal panelling along the southern wall of the carpark adjacent to the station. The nature of the precision manufacturing processes used in metal perforation enables complex designs to be accurately rendered within perforated facades. This allows the incorporation of geometric shapes, graphic designs and perforated representation of photographic images.

Stoddart was required to work within a tight timeframe, and integrate the framing and screening into the surrounding structural elements and undulating site. With extensive experience in architectural metalwork, Stoddart overcame these challenges and achieved a clean, uniform outcome. The screens successfully hide the rock wall behind them, visually break up a large surface area, and add interest and texture to the station.

Stoddart Infrastructure offers flexibility, experience and a commitment to quality, making it an ideal supplier for large projects requiring outdoor furniture solutions.