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The black built-in ovens by Ilve make cooking easier, with automatic cooking times, weight presets and a smart control panel.

Black built-in ovens by Ilve

Black, bold and on-trend, Ilve’s new series of black built-in ovens are the culmination of two years of research and development in Italy. The accessible oven range boasts the technology and sophistication that encapsulate the Ilve brand.

Choosing black appliances for the kitchen is a growing trend led by international stylists and interior designers; black ovens are now a must-have for Australia’s style-conscious homeowners.

The new “chef-assist” program uses a touch screen with smart control panel, available in 11 language settings with over 35 preset recipe modes, enabling the user to cook any dish for the entire family perfectly. To make cooking even easier, the range features automatic cooking times and weight presets. It also has the function of automatically changing recipes from Fahrenheit to Celsius, ensuring correct temperature conversions. Ilve also protects cabinets, with the “tangential ventilation system” controlling the outside temperature by smartly circulating air around the oven while it’s in use. 

The collection’s new light grey, nickel-free enamel interior is not only easy to clean, but also reduces the toxicity of the materials that come in contact with food as it is cooking.