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The Mix collections allow architects and designers to mix and match to create their own designs.

The shapes in the Mix Organic collection bring focus to the floor as the element of design

Mix and match – modular carpet tiles from GEO Flooring

Developed by Carpet Concept in collaboration with Hadi Teherani Architects, the innovative flat-woven Mix collections – Mix Geometric and Mix Organic – introduce a new dimension to flooring design.

The Mix collections are available in the coordinating styles of Eco Iqu, which is offered in 30 colour options and two design surfaces, and Eco Iqu-S, the Interior Innovation winner at the Iconic Awards 2017, available in 38 colour choices. There are infinite possibilities using the mix-and-match principle to achieve desired flooring aesthetics for flexible zoning and accentuation.

Inspired by traditional Japanese interior design, Mix Geometric opens new horizons for floor design. Whether installed tone-on-tone, in plain hues or in a combination of different surface structures, Mix Geometric gives limitless options to define spaces.

The freely styled shapes of Mix Organic highlight the flooring as the element of design. The organic tile shapes in orthogonal forms present as waves for a visible depth effect. This innovative approach provides interiors with elegance and a highly modern rhythm.