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Quick-Step’s Protect+ technology seals timber planks, preventing liquids from dirtying or staining joins.

A comparison of timber flooring with Protect+ water-repellent technology (above) and without (below).

Protect+ technology by Quick-Step

The answer to long-lasting, beautiful timber floors has been uncovered with Quick-Step’s new Protect+ technology, putting Quick-Step’s timber flooring range in a league of its own. Contrary to other timber floors, Quick-Step timber floors feature a unique water-repellent joint technology. 

With this technology, a special coating is applied to the porous, short side of the timber, also known as the “weakest” part of a timber plank. It ensures that the plank is sealed and stops liquid from seeping into the wood and dirtying or staining the joins. This guaranteed resistance to surface moisture makes spillages a problem of the past. 

For projects that need an authentic timber floor that is easy to maintain, a Quick-Step timber floor is an ideal solution.