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The Pure Linens range includes the bricks Whispering White, Pebble Creek, Flannel Grey and Cinders and Soot.

Pure Linens range by PGH Bricks and Pavers

For architects seeking a contemporary yet artisan-style brick, PGH Bricks’ latest range, Pure Linens, made in the small NSW town of Jindera, fits the bill. Each of the bricks in the Pure Linens range is rich in colour, texture and craftsmanship. 

Cinders and Soot has a dark and dramatic hue that offers a mild alternative to other black bricks on the market; Flannel Grey, with its pale grey colouring and cool tones, is an extremely versatile brick; Pebble Creek embodies a warmer-toned accent while maintaining a softer, light hue; and Whispering White is a crisp white colour-through brick that will lend homes an air of refinement and tranquillity.