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The Elettra armchair, which is manufactured by Arflex, is inspired by Modernist design.

Arflex products will be available in Australia from Space Furniture from 1 July 2020.

Stylish and comfortable Cradle armchairs have curved sides that embrace the sitter.

Arflex arrives at Space

Furniture informed by history and inspired by modernity

From 1 July 2020, products from Italian furniture manufacturer Arflex will be available from Space Furniture in Australia.

The move marks an enduring and successful collaboration between Arflex and Australian design retailers Space Furniture and Poliform since the brand joined the Poliform stable in Australia
in 2011.

“Arflex is a furniture company that is constantly focused on cultural experimentation,” explains Christina Owyong, Space and Poliform Group CEO Asia Pacific. “Its avant-garde status is really based on imposing new technological products that make an ongoing contribution to both design culture and comfort.”

Informed by history and inspired by modernity, Arflex is well-loved by architects, and continues to make outstanding products that push the boundaries of design and materiality.

Iconic in every meaning of the word, Arflex has manufactured designs continuously since 1947, leading to
the advent of products including Cini Boeri’s enduring Strips sofa, Mario Marenco’s puffy pillow-shaped Marenco sofa and the svelte Lady armchair by Marco Zanuso.

“We are proud to continue to represent Arflex in Australia via our Space showrooms, while Poliform remains a mono-brand store. In Asia Arflex has always been part of the Space stable and we are happy to align our Australian showrooms in 2020,” said Owyong.

Designers who have worked with Arflex are a rollcall of some of the world’s most influential architects and designers, including Franco Albini, De Carlo, Belgiojoso, Peressutti, Spadolini, Tito Agnoli, Marenco, Michele De Lucchi, Paola Vella and many others.

Arflex started out with a determination to make a real contribution to the comfort of those Italians who were beginning to travel just after the war.

Between 1951 and 1954, Arflex produced various models of car seats that were designed by Carlo Barassi. These seats could be fitted into the vehicle and offered outstanding comfort thanks to the use of foam rubber and elastic tape. The covers could be removed, and the seatbacks were adjustable.

The most successful of the car seat experiments were the Fiat Topolino products “Mille Miglia” and “Sedile Lettino,” the latter of which could
be turned into a makeshift bed.

At this time, Marco Zanuso became a symbol of the developing design culture in post-war Italy, a generation of designers whose social commitment was coloured by the ideological heritage of the Modern Movement.

And so the first collection of Arflex products was born as, first and foremost, an overview of the fruitful collaboration of manufacturer and designer: Marco Zanuso as a designer and Arflex as a manufacturer.