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Modern amenities like pull-out and swivel spouts update classic, early industrial European designs in the Montreux kitchen and bath tapware collection from AXOR.

The fittings in the Montreux collection are offered in chrome or brushed nickel.

The fittings in the Montreux collection are offered in chrome or brushed nickel.

AXOR’s new portfolio for baths and kitchens

Drawing from an era of increasing prosperity and dynamic modernization, AXOR and the Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design Studio have created a bath and kitchen collection in the style of the first industrially manufactured fittings. Inspired by the luxurious fixtures of Europe’s grand hotels, the Montreux collection is as authentic in its details, which include slip-fit pipes and porcelain inlays, as it is contemporary in its manufacture. Ideal for traditional bathrooms, the collection can also provide a sophisticated contrast in modern, minimalist spaces.

“The Belle Époque, the era in which modern industrial design was born, continues to fascinate and inspire today in both its style and its production methods,” said Andreas Haug of Phoenix Design. Haug continued, “Naturally, the collection also incorporates all of the cutting-edge technology and superlative functionality AXOR customers expect.”

Reminiscent of the archetypical designs of the first industrially manufactured bath and kitchen fixtures, AXOR Montreux is characterized by additive forms and charming stylistic detailing. Industrial design elements, such as pipes and valves, were not only combined with classical details (e.g. delicate cross handles and ceramic inlays), but also with contemporary lever handles. Details such as the configuration of nozzles on the hand showerhead, together with the grooved cable and porcelain inlay on the handle, encapsulate the timeless appeal of early luxury bathroom design.

Functionally speaking, AXOR Montreux stands for technological advancement: state-of-the-art technology and engineering turn taps, shower pipes and accessories into charming and innovative reinterpretations of the twentieth century without compromising comfort. The first classical kitchen taps from AXOR allow for maximum operability around the sink with swivel and pull-out spouts. In the bathroom, taps with lower and higher spouts now accommodate different comfort zones.

Authentic, precise design and state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing processes define the new bath and kitchen taps; the latter is evident in the distinctive chrome and PVD finishes in which the collection is available. The finish, which is available in 10 colours, is applied using highly intricate physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology that uses steam to apply a coating in a vacuum. This process leaves the fixtures extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions.

The AXOR Montreux range comprises bathroom and kitchen mixers, showers and bathroom accessories.