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Series 8 ovens are stylish additions to home kitchens.

Black glass offers a sleek, distinctive aesthetic.

The intuitive controls are simple to operate.

Bosch Series 8 black glass ovens

Bosch is renowned for German engineered appliances that have been designed to make any time spent in the kitchen an absolute delight. With more than 200 design awards over the past five years, the company is on a quest for technical perfection, perceivable quality and simple operation reflected in both design and functionality.

Using high-quality stainless steel and glass, Bosch ovens and compact appliances combine beautifully to deliver a timeless, elegant and stylish finish to any kitchen with sleek, coordinated lines and matching panels. Captivating designers and clients alike with the latest black glass version of the iconic Series 8 ovens, the range features the same intuitive functionality as the original stainless steel version while offering designers a distinctive aesthetic.

Black glass appliances are gaining momentum as a strong trend in kitchen design, providing a contemporary edge over traditional stainless steel. It’s a perfect material for those in search of something a little different; as interior designers explore materiality while creating an intriguing palette for their clients’ kitchens, the expectation is that appliances are able to support this individualization on a design level.

As a colour, black is often associated with style, minimalist design aesthetics, simplicity and timelessness. The stylish Series 8 black glass ovens feature an intuitive control ring that makes cooking easier than ever, and with Bosch sensor technology featured in automatic functions such as Bosch Assist, PerfectBake and PerfectRoast, it can feel like the ovens practically cook by themselves in a perfect blend of form and function.

This convenience is made even more appealing by Bosch’s commitment to environmentally friendly products: Energy-saving, green technology has been integrated into this range of feature-rich, built-in ovens. With the Bosch Series 8 combination steam oven, users can bake, steam or both. Combining the benefits of pure steam cooking with functions of a conventional oven allows users to give roasts and home-made bread a crispy finish.

To make sure that Bosch kitchen equipment provides reliable support for as long as possible, the company has only used the best materials for its products. The interiors of the steamers and steam ovens are made from high-grade steel and guaranteed stainless, the water tank is easy to remove and top up, and the automatic descaling program makes sure that users will never have to bother with time-consuming descaling.