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The generous and sophisticated Bellaire sofa is the latest expression of King Living’s design language.

Introducing the comfortable and luxurious Bellaire

With an elegant, modern design, the Bellaire is King Living’s latest and most anticipated sofa yet. It blends intuitive technology with high-end luxury. Featuring angular, sleek lines that are softened by cylindrical headrests in complementary colours, the Bellaire brings a modern feel to any space by embodying an expression of elegance and sophistication.

The Bellaire, designed by King Living’s in-house design team, celebrates the King Living design language in a new form. With a unique body architecture made from a galvanized strengthened steel frame, the sofa reflects King Living’s unwavering commitment to quality.

Built upon an irresistible blend of luxury and everyday usability, the Bellaire is crafted from a revolutionary steel frame that is thin yet strong enough to last a lifetime, ensuring that the sofa is just as durable as it is beautiful. The steel frame is padded with layers of premium foam to create soft comfort; the headrests can be moved down to rest between the seat and the back frame, creating a supportive bolster.

Inspired by timeless architecture, the Bellaire oozes an effortless sophistication that is translatable in any aspect of the home. To complete the contemporary design, the Bellaire features cast stainless steel legs, which give the illusion that the sofa is hovering above the surface. With the option of polished or PC black finishes, users can tailor the legs to create a unique style and complement any fabric in a King Living’s wide range, including European leathers.

King Living is known for designing and manufacturing contemporary, award-winning quality furniture. Designed for style and engineered for comfort, every single King Living furniture piece is designed to make the home more comfortable, liveable and beautiful.

Speaking about the new range, David Hardwick, King Living’s head of product, says, “We are extremely excited about the new Bellaire sofa from King Living,” adding that “the Bellaire is set to be the next must-have sofa suited to any home.”

The Bellaire sofa by King Living is an exciting addition to the existing product range and offers exceptional comfort and sophistication.