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SPACE STEP allows people to reach worktops, use higher storage levels and create extra storage space in plinths.

SPACE STEP is safe, locking into place once it bears a weight of 8 kg or more.

Extra storage is created with a pull-out located underneath the step.

Taking storage solutions to the next level

SPACE STEP from Blum will be available from November 2020.

Every home has that tall, inconvenient cabinet that can’t be reached. It either remains bare, or items that never get used are stored in it only to be forgotten for years to come. Blum has always worked toward creating clever cabinet solutions: predominantly in the kitchen, but also throughout the entire home, as the upcoming SPACE STEP from Blum demonstrates.

Products with increased functionality and added storage

The SPACE STEP is a plinth solution that consists of a plinth step and a pull-out that delivers multiple benefits to any area in the home. Designed to be integrated into the kickboards of the cabinet, the SPACE STEP glides open with a touch to the front so that it can be used as a step, enabling the user to reach higher cabinets and creating a safe alternative to wobbly chairs and stools. When subjected to a minimum load of 8 kg, the step will lower and lock securely in place to prevent the SPACE STEP from slipping and increase the product’s safety. The top of the step can simply be pushed back into the cabinet to reveal added pull-out storage that conventionally would have remained unusable.

Achieve more in custom designs

Modern technology and quality hardware from Blum allow designers to specify both beautiful aesthetics and superb functionality. Clever storage solutions like SPACE STEP give designers the opportunity to stand out from the rest. The SPACE STEP can be paired with Blum’s LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX and MOVENTO box systems. With step heights of 150 mm to 250 mm and cabinet widths falling between 400 mm and 1,200 mm, Blum hardware gives designers the freedom to create individualized designs and increase storage spaces for clients who are restricted by smaller living areas.

Making the most of motion technology

SPACE STEP can be easily implemented with Blum’s motion technologies such as TIP-ON BLUMOTION. For designers who want their clients to experience supreme user convenience, SPACE STEP can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system. With a light touch of the front, the pull-out glides open and then silently and effortlessly shuts with soft-close BLUMOTION.

Beautiful designs, quality hardware

Blum products are backed up by their rigorous research and testing, ensuring architects and designers peace of mind when specifying. This research has allowed the company to develop products that truly have a positive impact on the user because they take into account how people use their kitchens and living spaces throughout the lifetime of their furniture.

The SPACE STEP from Blum will be available from November 2020.