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Kaolin Tiles’ unique and award-winning Endless Vein™ tiles suit Seamless Joint tiling, down to a minimum 0.5 mm grout joint width.

The Endless Vein™ tiles were designed by leading design studios.

Endless Vein™ large format porcelain tiles

Kaolin Tiles’ Endless Vein™ collection was designed by leading design studios and produced in a state-of-the-art sustainable factory where waste is recycled and emissions offset.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the rarest and most precious stones and marbles from around the world, Endless Vein™ large-format tiles offer unlimited creative possibilities and a level of luxury not usually seen in porcelain tiles. With horizontally and vertically connecting vein sets that continue endlessly, there is no limit to project size. Extend the tiles to every corner of your home or commercial project.