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Siniat has launched a new website with an expanded range of technical advice and tools, including the new Blueprint Lightweight Construction Manual from Siniat.

All plasterboard and steel products from Knauf Australia will now be produced with Siniat branding.

Knauf is now Siniat in Australia

Same products, same people, better experience.

The brand of products supplied by Knauf Australia has recently changed to Siniat. The company’s entity and details remain the same – the only change is the shareholding of the Knauf Plasterboard business in Australia.

Knauf Australia was acquired by Etex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightweight construction materials. Siniat is one of Etex’s flagship commercial brands.

With the name change, a new website has been launched with an expanded range of technical advice and tools, including the new Blueprint Lightweight Construction Manual.

At a company level, they continue to operate as always with the same production facilities and processes, same product performance, same systems, technical support and leadership, same warranty, and same people.

Same products

All plasterboard, steel framing and compounds are now produced with Siniat branding. The core existing products will not change, but the company plans to introduce some improvements in the months ahead.

Same people

All former Knauf Australia employees now work for Etex on the Siniat brand. They are involved in either making, moving, or selling Siniat branded products.

Same warranty

The product warranty is the same; the company entity that supplied Knauf products has not changed – only the company shareholding has changed.

Same compliance

The core product specification and manufacturing are not changing. Therefore, the Siniat branded metal framing, plasterboard and compounds carry the same compliance and performance as previous product lines.

Same technical support

The support and technical leadership that Knauf Australia was known for continues under the Siniat name.

Better experience

This changeover provides an opportunity for Siniat to explore how they can be a better partner. They are excited by the prospect of being able to deliver more benefits, particularly to: systems and solutions in a brand new Blueprint Lightweight Construction Manual; sustainability initiatives that contribute to a healthier environment; and service and support to meet the needs of their customers.