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The unit comes with a visual alarm and 100 decibel audio alarm.

Sanialarm Interlock is a complete alarm interlock package for commercial applications that safeguards against flooding.

Sanialarm Interlock “plug and play” alarm

Designed to be used with most Saniflo products, the Sanialarm Interlock was developed in response to the increased specification of pumps as an alternative solution for commercial office space re-purposing, and the need to safeguard against flooding in the event of a power failure. Saniflo SFA has developed the Sanialarm Interlock as a complete “plug and play” alarm interlock package that doesn’t require an electrician for installation.

The Sanialarm has three functions – it sets off an audible alarm in the event of a high level issue, simultaneously shuts off incoming water supply to prevent flooding, all while cutting the power supply to the dishwasher or washing machine.

The unit comes with a visual alarm, as well as a 100 decibel audio alarm. It comes complete with a magnetic finger float switch, as well as the “plug and play” connection, which simply plugs into the bottom of the control panel. It also comes with the low voltage solenoid, which is a 12-volt pulse latch. The beauty of the pulse latch technology is that you don’t get burn out of the solenoid.