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AVENTOS makes use of small storage spaces often found above the fridge or wall oven.

Clear office space by adding extra overhead storage.

Store additional supplies in the areas where they’re needed most for added convenience.

Transform overhead cabinets and optimize storage

Blum’s AVENTOS lift system range adds to the ergonomics of your kitchen, office and living spaces.

Difficult access to overhead storage in kitchens and living areas can create an unwanted inconvenience. The AVENTOS lift system range by Blum gives architects and designers freedom to create spaces that suit each client’s style and workflow.

Freedom of movement

AVENTOS brings top-quality motion to wall cabinets, alongside a cohesive design. Even with large and heavy fronts, the AVENTOS range works by lifting cabinet fronts up and out of the way, giving users complete access to the storage space without needing to duck and weave around open cabinet doors. For flexibility, AVENTOS lift systems always hold their desired position, ensuring that cabinet fronts stay exactly where they are left.

Versatile for the home

Adding to the ergonomics of your kitchen space, AVENTOS HK top, HK-S and HK-XS make the most of tricky overhead spaces. For cabinets that are considered inconvenient or difficult to access, the AVENTOS HK-S solution makes use of small storage spaces often found above the fridge or wall oven while still providing the same quality of motion and reliability.

The benefits aren’t limited to the kitchen. AVENTOS HK top, HK-S, and HK-XS are suitable for other areas of the home.

Clear office space by using AVENTOS to add extra overhead storage space. With fronts that lift and hold open, all items are always visible and accessible during the workday.

Designers can also use AVENTOS in bathroom and living spaces, allowing users to store additional supplies in the areas where they’re needed most for added convenience.

Quality of motion

Create a mesmerising experience by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies: BLUMOTION soft-close, TIP-ON and SERVO-DRIVE.

AVENTOS comes with BLUMOTION soft-close as standard and can be equipped with Blum’s TIP-ON mechanical opening support system to complement elegant handle-less designs. With just a touch, cabinet fronts will move up and out of the way to make all items easily accessible, allowing your designs to both look and feel sophisticated.

To further enhance your client’s experience, consider incorporating SERVO-DRIVE, Blum’s electrical opening support system that effortlessly glides open with a single touch and gently closes, thanks to BLUMOTION soft-close.

Quality that lasts

Blum products are backed by rigorous research and testing, ensuring architects and designers peace of mind when specifying. Blum have been observing consumers’ behaviours in kitchens around the world for over 60 years, which has allowed them to develop products that truly have a positive impact on the consumer and how they use spaces throughout their home.