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Wool carpet increases underfoot comfort and may reduce energy costs.

Wool carpet is inherently hypoallergenic and purifies the air by absorbing common indoor pollutants.

Australian-made carpet tiles from NZ wool

Natural, renewable and insulating wool fibre from GH Commercial 
Wool fibre is well known for its inherent softness, strength and thermal properties, keeping interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Now, you can specify this premium fibre in GH Commercial’s versatile carpet tile format.

Thermal control
Warmer underfoot than synthetic fibres or hard flooring, and with the ability to absorb moisture in the air to buffer humidity changes, wool carpet increases comfort and reduces energy costs.

Wool carpet is inherently hypoallergenic and purifies the air – absorbing common indoor air pollutants, dust and odours like pet smells (without re-emitting them) until they can be vacuumed out.

Acoustic insulation
With its high pile weight and loop pile construction, wool carpet traps airborne noise, impact sounds and reverberations, keeping things quieter both within and between rooms.

Stain resistant
Rather than requiring topical treatments, the scales on wool carpet keep liquids and soil on the surface, providing natural stain resistance and easy cleanability.

Segments and interior health
Health-supporting materials can be a foundation for comfort and wellbeing, and wool carpet tiles are the perfect option for indoor spaces where air quality is a priority.

Choose from GH Commercial’s Natural Terrain and Natural Elevation collections for settings such as schools, healthcare centres and workplaces.

Made in Australia
Supporting local manufacturing is important, now more than ever.

GH Commercial proudly supports its community. Its wool is sourced from New Zealand and its carpet is manufactured at GH Commercial’s tile plant in Geelong, once known as the “wool centre of the world.”

Declare Red List Free
GH Commercial wool carpet tiles are certified Declare Red List Free, ensuring they’re free from manufacturing “nasties” that pollute indoor air quality and the environment to produce healthier carpets for interior spaces.