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Granitoker tiles in Inox with a Lappato finish give this fragrance fitout a luxurious and contemporary feel.

Basaltina and Metallica tiles

Italian tile company Casalgrande Padana specializes in innovative tile products. Classic Tiles will distribute the new range in Australia.

The Basaltina tile features a stylish and technological material that creates new textural and design effects. They are available in five colours and three different sizes. The Basaltina series can be used for both indoor and outdoor floors and wall cladding, in residential buildings, public areas and high-end shopping malls.

The Metallica range is the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process and advanced research. With the body dyed the same colour as the surface this glazed porcelain stoneware reflects the texture and tonalities of metals: stainless steel, copper, nickel and iron. Produced in slabs 10.5 mm thick, Metallica is available in a lapped or matt surface, and comes in two sizes.