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Dux Airoheat Subzero

The new Airoheat Subzero builds on the success of Dux’s Airoheat heat pump. The Airoheat Subzero features several new advantages including a de-icing function ideal for cold climates.

Operating through Dux’s patented Hotlogic controller, the system determines when conditions conducive to icing exist. At this time, the de-icing process commences, removing ice from the evaporator and allowing the Airoheat to continue to heat water.

This innovation means that the system does not waste the heat previously generated to de-ice, and does not depend on less efficient technology, such as a back-up element. It continuously operates and creates hot water, even when mercury levels drop below zero.

Dux Airoheat Subzero also boasts considerably lower sound levels during operation and remains as easy to install as a standard electric storage water heater.