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The sleek and compact Tastic Neo by Sampford IXL combines heating, lighting and ventilation for the bathroom.

New Tastic Neo

A popular choice for Australian bathrooms, the Tastic by Sampford IXL has long been an ideal solution for heating, lighting and ventilating the bathroom. To celebrate the product’s silver anniversary, Sampford IXL has released the new Tastic Neo.

Sleek and compact, the Tastic Neo combines new technology with cuttingedge design. It boasts a minimal overall height that ensures a low profile. Side ducting enables versatility in multistorey dwellings with limited space between the ceiling and the floor above.

Tungsten halogen heat lamps and new reflective elements mean the Tastic Neo directs radiant heat more efficiently. Ceramic globe holders within the unit ensure safe operation, while an in-line fan improves airflow. Compact fluorescent downlights provide environmentally friendly lighting.