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Ideal for large families, the continuous flow gas water heater never runs out of hot water.

Rheem 27 continuous-flow gas water heater

Replacing Rheem’s previous 26-litre model, the Rheem 27 never runs out of hot water. The Rheem 27 is the largest of the four family-friendly Rheem continuous flow water heaters (Rheem 18 litre, 20 litre, 24 litre and 27 litre) and is ideal for large family homes where hot water demand is highest.

Available to suit either natural gas or propane, the Rheem 27 comes with Rheem FlameSafe protection – which shuts down the unit should it overheat – for added safety. With a 5.8-star energy-efficiency rating, the Rheem 27 boasts one of the highest energy efficiencies of any non-condensing continuous flow water heater on the market.