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A flush-mount design for a seamless effect which is almost invisible when fitted to a ceiling.

Sonance Architectural Series flush-mount speaker

The unique flush-mount design of the Sonance Architectural Series allows each speaker to become one with the surrounding surface. The trimless design brings an unprecedented level of precision and elegance, making the speaker a perfect companion to high-end lighting fixtures. A choice of models lets architects select the ideal size, shape and finish for any room.

With the Sonance Architectural Series, there’s no reason for audio quality to come at the expense of design integrity. There’s no reason for speakers to add clutter to a room with unwanted shapes, shadows and angles. And there’s no reason to leave any detail of a house design to chance.

With the Sonance Architectural Series, architects can give their clients the very best in acoustic performance while preserving the vision for each and every room. The Sonance Architectural Series in-ceiling speaker beautifully complements high-end lighting, like the Lucifer Z Series, to reduce ceiling clutter and create clean sight lines.