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CHH’s updated guide to bushfire-compliant construction explains changes to Australian standards.

Bushfire-compliant construction guide

To ensure new homes, alterations and additions are located and constructed with greater bushfire protection, the new standard AS3959– 2009 “Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas” now applies nationally. Given the extent and the significance of these changes, educating clients will play an important role in bringing everyone up to speed.

To facilitate this education process, an updated guide has been published to help explain the new standards in detail. The guide includes amendment one to the standard, as well as details of the extensive range of wood products offered by Carter Holt Harvey that can be used to build standard compliant floor, wall, deck and roof systems. The guide demonstrates that CHH wood products are still a viable solution for BCA-compliant homes in all bushfire attack levels (BAL).

The guide is available at