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Herringbone-styled Pulse is the latest EthEco wool sustainable textile in Instyle’s LIFE collection.

Instyle LIFE textiles – Pulse

Pulse is the twelfth upholstery, screen and wall-panelling release from Instyle’s LIFE (Low Impact For the Environment) sustainable textiles collection. The range uses 100% Australian EthEco wool.

Designed by Instyle, Pulse is a modern play on a herringbone weave inspired by tradition and longevity. Designs include an undulating flowing water design reminiscent of Japanese woodcut and Aboriginal cross-hatched patterning. These designs influence the herringbone which narrows and expands like an eddy across the weave.

The range includes 13 colourways with a comfortingly soft handle. It is also suitable for heavy-duty commercial use.

All LIFE Textiles are suitable for Green Star projects.