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Ali-Clad window and door system combines hardwood timber frames with exterior aluminium cladding.

Miglas AliClad windows

With years of experience supplying double-glazed joinery to the Australian alpine regions, Miglas has a deep understanding of both the energy and climate issues households face.

It became obvious that sustainable energy efficiency went far beyond just double glazing. Research into the failings of both timber and aluminium windows showed that, remarkably, where each of these proven materials had its weakness, the other had its strength. When combined they provided the ultimate window design for Australian conditions, named Ali-Clad. During the thorough product development of this new window system many, innovative features were initiated that today make up the unique “Miglas difference.“

The Miglas Ali-Clad window and door system is Australian designed and is framed in Australian materials. It is not by chance that double glazing carefully matched to the composite structure deals so effectively with the demanding and harsh climatic conditions that Australia creates. The Ali-Clad window system provides excellent energy performance with proven durability and protection against sun, wind, rain and snow.