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Sizing, easy installation and a pre-primed finish make Scyon Axon a costeffective building product.

Scyon Axon cladding by James Hardie

Vertically grooved Scyon Axon cladding panels are made from Scyon, an advanced lightweight cement composite that provides heavy-duty performance.

This product can save money in building projects – it only takes a carpenter and a painter to install the cladding. Scyon Axon panels are pre-primed, making it easy to achieve a high-quality finish quickly. The standard sizing of the product means there is less time spent cutting the panels to specification, creating a more efficient work site, saving both time and money.

In residential applications, Scyon Axon cladding is suitable wherever modern design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions and internal feature walls. The vertical grooves – a sharp and consistent uniform look – are a design alternative to typical horizontal features. The option of brad nailing also minimizes visual interruption.

Scyon Axon cladding can also enhance the energy efficiency of a house. When the product is used with the right insulation and in accordance with James Hardie’s Wall System Thermal Performance Total R-Values Technical Supplement, an R-value of up to 2.7 can be achieved for the wall.