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Stegbar’s cedar windows and doors offer peace of mind against bushfires.

Stegbar cedar windows and doors

Australian homes need windows and doors that can stand up to extreme bushfire conditions while being functional in terms of regulating temperature and light without compromising the look of the home.

To meet the requirements of the 2010 Building Code of Australia and the updated AS3959-2009 building and construction requirements affecting bushfire-zoned areas, the Stegbar research and development team set about developing a range of windows and doors that can offer peace of mind against bushfires without the need for bulky shutters, fire curtains or screens on fixed glazing.

As a result, Stegbar developed a range of windows and doors that has been tested and meets BAL 40 criteria. The BAL 40 rating was achieved on a purpose-designed window and door system using specially designed frame components, glazing systems and specialist silicone seals. These systems comply with AS1530.8.1 testing criteria and were tested by the CSIRO.

Stegbar has now launched a cedar window and door system that has been tested and passed AS1530.8.1. The innovative design and stringent construction and quality of components and materials means Stegbar can provide Australia with a certified BAL 40 cedar system.

Stegbar also has systems available in aluminium and merbau that achieve a rating of BAL 40 and comply with AS3959 and AS1530.8.1 criteria.