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WE-EF LED projector floodlights are available in three sizes and four distributions.

WE-EF LED projector floodlights

Like all WE-EF luminaires, the company’s new range of LED projector floodlights are designed for harsh environments. The range has an international protection rating of IP66 (dust and water jet tight) and has been engineered for extreme temperatures and applications.

The system uses high-output CREE LEDs and high-efficiency drivers. The optical-grade lenses used in these luminaires have more than 90% efficacy, ensuring high-quality and efficient lighting solutions.

The range comprises three sizes (15 W FLC121, 30 W FLC131 and 60 W FLC141) and four distributions from very narrow to very wide.

Solarsafe thermal management means that the LEDs and controller are protected against operation in daytime high-temperature summer conditions.