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Haymes’s winning new colours

The Haymes 2012 Colour Expressions Forecast was launched on 12 October 2011 at 1000 £ Bend, Melbourne.

The new palette includes 35 colours in seven key themes as well as the Next Generation collection that incorporates 12 new Haymes colours developed for the specifier market.

Haymes’s paint colour and concept manager Wendy Rennie developed the collection which is a mix of dynamic, bold and vibrant colours such as fuchsias, purples and yellows on one side of the spectrum with neutrals such as greys and greens on the other.

The seven themes and colour trends have been appropriately named to encapsulate the style of the colour groupings, with names such as Balance, Investigate, Limitless, Play, Introvert, Companionship and Escape.

Accompanying these new colours is the New Generation range of soft greys with an accent of brights that suit stone, concrete and wood.