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Kohler new product design director Mark Bickerstaffe.

Kohler design director visits Australia

Mark Bickerstaffe, director of new product design for bathroom company Kohler, visited Australia in September to speak about the brand’s latest offerings and new bathroom trends.

Speaking to Architectural Product News during his visit, Bickerstaffe discussed emerging trends in bathrooms, which include new ways to save water; technology in the bathroom; and warm, textural and natural aesthetics.

“We’re tracking a few other trends, including “super human” which takes the connection with nature one step further. It’s using natural systems to look at better ways of doing things. In products, it’s items with a very futuristic but natural form. That’s an advanced trend,” he says.

Kohler’s new DTV shower technology expands on the technology trend, using six showerheads – both wall mounted and hand-held – to be controlled individually for timing, temperature and intensity by a control pad.