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The Glass in Buildings brochure.

The recently published guide to sustainable windows from the Sustainable Windows Alliance.

New brochures explain glass standard

In direct response to concerns raised by the industry regarding non compliance, the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) has recently published a summary of the glass standard AS1288-2006.

The brochure, Glass in Buildings, highlights key areas on human impact and safety, wind load and balustrades, detailing required thickness and glass type to achieve compliance. The material has been produced as a quick reference guide to support the architectural and design community, to ensure works undertaken comply with the Australian Building Codes Standard.

The AGGA has also published a guide to sustainable windows, detailing findings from the Sustainable Windows Alliance research, funded by AGGA, as well as the Australian Window Association and Sustainability Victoria.

The brochures identify by climate zone, various glazing solutions best suited to that region, and also provide valuable information to maximize thermal performance.

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