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Tesserae in the NeoGlass floor mosaic collection come in 11 colours and three different shapes.

SICIS Neoglass floor mosaic collection

Sicis’ experience in producing glass mosaics is now focused on a new collection: the NeoGlass floor mosaic collection. NeoGlass combines the crystalline beauty of glass and the exclusive Sicispatented process that gives an iridescent surface, in a quarter-inch-thick tessera that is a great choice for any kind of floor. Eleven colours light up this collection, and come in a selection of tonalities that goes from plain pastel shades like white and light blue to very bright and deep colours like yellow and purple. It is available in three different shapes: cube, barrel and dome. NeoGlass can create elegant and fine textures. The tesserae are composed of transparent glass with an iridescent surface finishing. The laying needs to be done with white adhesive, to highlight the transparency and chromatic depth of the material. Use white silicon if applying the tiles on transparent surfaces.