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The South Perth Library and Community

The South Perth Library and Community

The Helioscreen Varioscreen.

Somfy and Helioscreen solar shading

On 7 February 2011 the City of South Perth opened it newest community facility, the South Perth Library and Community Centre. This spectacular building was designed by Peter Hunt Architects and represents a book lying on its side with an aspect designed to maximize views across the adjoining park to the city of Perth.

As with any well-designed building the library features a range of ESD initiatives including smart lighting, solar hot water and photovoltaic cells, natural cross ventilation, rain water harvesting and a high-performance facade. Significantly, says the city’s director of financial and information services Michael Kent, the library creates an increased awareness in the community of how to incorporate ESD measures into building design.

An innovative automated external solar shading solution was chosen for the striking northern facade in order to deliver the highest possible reductions in solar heat gain through the facade under peak solar loads. Depending on the fabric specified an automated external shading solution can reduce energy transmission by up to 85%. As a true bioclimatic design solution an active facade gives control over energy flows and when retracted allows solar energy to be harvested with unrestricted views.

The design of the building envelope with its unique curves and the high wind loads of Perth’s notorious Fremantle Doctor presented an interesting challenge for the design and project installation team from Modular Shades and Shutters. To overcome these challenges Helioscreen Varioscreens powered by Somfy were chosen. The European-designed Varioscreen uses an integrated positive lift system to drive the front bar and keep the fabric under constant tension. The structural design of the Varioscreen gives unsurpassed stability and strength and allows complex installations such as a unique centre opening design to be achieved.

Available in widths of up to five metres with a projection of up to six metres, two systems may be coupled to give a total width of eight metres. Powdercoated hardware and a selection of European and locally manufactured fabrics mean Helioscreen Varioscreens powered by Somfy can meet almost any design brief.

Somfy automation solutions deliver high-performance facades right out of the box. From a single RTS radio remote control to a complete animeo facade management solution with high-level BMS interface controlling thousands of motors, Somfy’s solutions deliver optimized performance at any level. Helioscreen and Somfy, as industry-leading partners, can tailor an innovative solution to meet your design requirements. From a six star Green Star building or to add a unique touch to a project, an automated Helioscreen sun control solution powered by Somfy is the ideal solution.