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TECESquare metal bathroom push plate by Gro Agencies

With its extremely flat cover, the TECESquare Metal push plate can be fully integrated into any bathroom architecture.

The function is self-explanatory – one large button for full flush and a smaller one for reduced flush.

Installation in the wall is achieved with a special installation frame. Only the 2 mm thick, extremely flat stainless steel plate remains visible.

TECESquare Metal was the winner of the 2009 Design Plus award and also winner of the 2010 Red Dot design award.

The extensive collection of exclusive push plates from TECE are suitable only for TECE cisterns. With more than 100 design options to select from, TECE has solutions for any type of project.

A broad range of products serves all private and commercial requirements. With fronts made of glass or stainless steel, TECE push plates bring high quality to bathrooms.