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A new generation of fabrics by Sefar Architectural

High-tech fabrics are being increasingly employed in modern architecture. In partnership with lighting specialists and polymer experts, Sefar Architectural has created a new generation of fabrics.

Special finishing and coating techniques ensure a high UV durability without fading, while the material remains extremely tough and long lasting.

The interior PVDF range allows a high degree of diffusion of both artificial and natural light, without colour displacement, and produces light transmission rates in the order of 90 percent. Opaque or clear options are available in the acoustic range, which is ideal for illuminated ceilings, walls, room dividers or lighting features. The exterior range includes lighttransmitting PTFE fabrics that are waterproof, self-cleaning and fully weldable.

All fabrics in the Sefar range are highly flame resistant, produce nearly no smoke and are absolutely free of burning droplets.